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Original Baconnaise -

Original Baconnaise

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Baconnaise is the ultimate spreadable bacon, the original bacon mayonnaise. A massive hit the states, this creamy bacon flavoured spead is the perfect condiment for an endless number of foods: burgers, salads, chicken, fish, chips and crisps. Use it as a dip, a spead or just eat it straight out the jar.

Baconnaise is made by J&D’s food in the USA, famous for their bacon flavoured products, such as bacon salt. It all started with a customer request to make “spreadable bacon”. So J&D's Food set out on another bacon-flavored adventure. Could they make a mayonnaise product that met their own high bacony standards? Could they get people as excited as they were for Bacon Salt (for which shrines have been built and songs have been written)? After 6 months Baconnaise was born.

Customers love Baconnaise:

"Two of the best things in life, Mayonnaise and Bacon? what more could you want. as far as a sauce goes this is perfect, very thick but rich in flavour, a must for all lovers of bacon. perfect as a side sauce for chicken - I can't go without it!"

"Lovely item that actually tastes nice, not just a gimmicky product."

What's more Baconnaise doesn't actually contain any bacon so it's perfect for vegetarians and it's Kosher certified. It's been featured on TV numerous times in the USA which propelled it's popularity and Baconnaise has now sold over 1,000,000 jars worldwide. Tastebox import Baconnaise directly from the USA, buy Baconnaise and try it out… you'll never go back!