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Giant Gummy Bear [Blue Raspberry Flavour]

Giant Gummy Bear [Blue Raspberry Flavour]

  • £3499


This 2kg (yes, two kilogram) giant gummy bear contains over 51 servings of chewy, sugary, tangy, mouthwatering blue raspberry sweetness, but we honestly wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to devour the entire thing yourself. Let’s be honest. It’s what we’re all thinking here.

Rip off a big chunk and start chewing for an intense burst of deliciously tangy raspberry flavour.

At almost 1,000 times the size of a normal gummy bear, it’s basically a giant lump of bear-shaped gummy goodness which is only a few inches shy of a full FOOT in height (9.5” by 5.5” to be exact).

Eat it in one impressive sitting, pick at it over a period of weeks, share it with friends (if you have to) or even pretend you’re a an extremely tiny person holding a normal sized gummy bear. The choice is yours.

Made all the way over in the USA, you can grab your 2kg blue raspberry giant gummy bear right here in the UK with Munchyfoodle.


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