When Bizarre Is Good, Really Good!

When Bizarre Is Good, Really Good!

Ok. we hold our hands up, we are always on the look out for foodie treats that are a bit out of the ordinary! Our latest new discovery is no exception. Meet Chocolate Smiths Bizarre Chocolate and remember to keep an open mind!

How Bizarre are we talking here?

At first glance these tasty chocolate bar varieties seem somewhat odd, we would be the first to agree. However tasting them is a different kettle of fish (not to worry, this fish reference is not in connection to the actual flavours as that would be pushing even our boundaries), these treats with a difference have been flying off our shelves in the short time that we have stocked them.

What can I expect if I buy one?

The flavours are so cool (or sometimes hot) you might even end up considering buying more than one, of course my recommendation is to try all five flavours. If you do make that purchase you can be assured of 100g of quality chocolate with a twist.

So, lets talk flavours......

Banging Bizarre I am starting with my personal fave right now, think bonfire night all mixed into a chocolate bar. Dreamy, smooth white chocolate, gooey marshmallow contrasting against crunchy cinder toffee with some fireworks in the mouth in the form of popping candy! It will truly go off with a bang and I love it!

Americana Bizarre -  Think of America and what comes to mind..... peanut butter, oh yes and pretzels! This milk chocolate treat combines both of these tasty USA exports and is perfect for all of you sweet but savoury fans; I was sold on first bite. One thing is for sure, they are super addictive, you have been warned!

Cheese 'n' Crackers Bizarre -  I know what you are thinking, eeewwww right? Cast your mind back your childhood parties, what was top of every kids wish list? Cheese and Pineapple on sticks! This flavour combo works because cheese really compliments sweet flavours. This milk chocolate combination includes tasty cheese and savoury crackers...... OMG it works, try it and let us know what you think!

Bacon Bizarre - This sounds wrong but in reality it is just so right! Milk chocolate with bacon pieces for a taste sensation that is sweet and salty! Do you want to know the best thing, the crispy bacon bits are actually veggie friendly too!

Trinidad Scorpion Burning Bizarre -  Avid followers of Taste Box on social media will know just how much we LOVE the Trinidad Scorpion Chilli (it is the second hottest pepper in the world). When they named this dark chocolate bar "Burning" they were not kidding as these are seriously hot, but wow what an experience. Are you brave enough? 


So, are you sold on any of the flavours? If so, which one?

This post was created by Becky Whittaker for online speciality grocery store Taste Box.






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