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Secret Santa Gift Guide 2016

Posted by Becky Whittaker on

Secret Santa is one workplace event that is sure to send even the most organised of people into a spin. Maybe you are buying for someone that you barely know or worse still the boss! So what can you do? Never fear, this is where our Secret Santa gift guide comes to the rescue, with some great gift ideas all under £10 and not a silly, embarrassing gift in sight!

Twizzlers Cherry Pull 'n' Peel £2.99 - These are perfect for chewy sweet fans, the tangy cherry flavour is accessed via a delicious peelable liquorice sweet, this means each lace is peeled off one by one, very satisfying! These are even low calorie, perfect for the co-worker who is always on a low calorie diet!

Wonka Everlasting Gobstoppers £1.99 - Gobstoppers can form part of a great Secret Santa gift for the colleague that never stops talking! These little hard balls of yumminess actually change colour and flavour as you suck them; perfect for any busy desk. You could even purchase a couple of boxes and pour them into a small glass jar for a more personalised gift idea this is sure to bring you some peace and quiet.


Bhut Jolokia Naga Ghost Pepper Chilli Sauce £5.99 - We all know someone who loves hot sauce; if you have a work mate that likes it really hot, this is a great gift for them. BE WARNED this sauce is seriously hot but tastes delicious poured over eggs, stirred into pasta sauce or simply licked off a spoon if you are very brave - one smokin' gift idea.

Gold Monogram Mug from Anthropologie £8 - Every worker needs a mug to sip their cuppa out of at work, it gets them through the day, right? Well, these lovely mugs from Anthropologie are the perfect gift. You can choose your mug with the first initial of the person you are buying for, hurray for personalised gifts! This one is white and gold, other designs are available too! (Image courtesy of Anthropologie)


Image belongs to Anthropologie

Mr Natty Famous Beard Elixir £6.65 from Urban Outfitters - Beards seem to be everywhere right now, if you have a bearded colleague as your Secret Santa recipient then you are in luck! This woody scented beard elixir claims to be nourishing and softening and is formulated using the finest oils - embrace the beard (not literally if it is your boss!).

We really hope this has given you some great Secret Santa gift ideas, let us know your fave's.

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