My Top Three American Snacks


Here at Tastebox, we are all about the food and love tasty snacks that we import from the USA.

Sharing what we bring in with the people of the UK is our passion, it is our mission to make snack time more exciting and give you all something to brighten up a busy day.

For those of you that can't decide what to add to your basket (I have to admit it was a hard choice for me too) I have managed to whittle it down to my top three favourite American snacks. Without further ado, lets get right into it (my mouth is watering already!).

Mrs. Freshley's Cinnabon Cinnamon Mini Doughnuts

These are one of my favourite USA imports of all-time, they are freaking yummy! Whenever I eat these they take me right back to loading up my plate at a breakfast buffet when I was on holiday years ago, they have very fond memories for me. These particular doughnuts are the true, traditional taste of the USA and have a super soft, dense texture which makes them the perfect afternoon treat to get you through the rest of the day. The cinnamon is a great flavour and is a taste that I find warming and comforting, especially with a cup of coffee as I think it brings out the flavour perfectly. At only £1.20 per pack they are a bargain. Time for a cuppa I think!


Hershey's Take 5

For any pretzel lovers out there (like me) this chewy chocolate treat really is just that - a delicious treat that comes as two bars within one pack. It is called Take 5 as it is a chocolate bar made up of 5 different layers; salty pretzel, caramel, peanut butter, a scattering of crunchy peanuts and milk chocolate. If that doesn't float your boat I don't know what will. For me it is the combo of sweet and salty that gets me every time, it is irresistible. I know it sounds weird but my favourite way to enjoy these tasty bars is to pop them in the freezer for an hour of so, the caramel becomes every more chewy and I can savour it for longer.

Cheetos Crunchy Cheese

When hungry strikes sometimes nothing hits the spot like a savoury snack. For those of you that have visited the USA you may be familiar with enjoying Cheetos when you were out there, they can be found everywhere and it is obvious to me how they have earned their place.

Cheetos are super cheesy and have the best texture I have ever experienced in a crisp type snack. If you have returned from the USA and are getting Cheeto withdrawal symptoms then never fear as our website states; "We are the only supplier of official Cheeto's export products! Because our Cheetos have a longer shelf life than any other UK supplier, you can be sure that our Cheetos Crunchy are the freshest available." We are so proud and very excited to be supplying you all (and us of course) with Cheeto's Crunchy Cheese..... as they are so crunchy they also make the best crisp sandwich known to man (in my opinion anyway), try it and let me know what you think.


This little round up has made me hungry, I really hope you enjoyed my top three American snacks; what would you choose as your top three?

This post was written by Becky Whittaker for online specialty food and grocery store Tastebox.




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