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Mothers Day Gift Guide (For Foodie Mums)

Posted by Becky Whittaker on

Mothers Day this year falls on 26th March (a day that also happens to be my birthday), with just over two weeks to go, you may be wondering what to buy your Mum this year; if she loves food and cooking then this is gift guide for you..... prepare to earn some serious gold stars!

1) Make a Culinary Genius Hamper

Any foodie will love cooking with some tasty condiments, spices and sauces, why not spice up your Mums cooking experience with some fun ingredients that she probably won't have ever picked up in her local supermarket.

Start with something like this pretty basket by Premier Homewares, for only £6.99 it is a great price and it will be perfect to fill up with some unusual but useful culinary genius foods. Next head over to Tastebox and get shopping! Here are our top picks from the website...

Balsajo Peeled Black Garlic Pot £2.99 - These are awesome and I just know she will love them! They have an amazing 18 month shelf life and make the perfect store cupboard staple. They taste rich and sweet; perfect for adding to stews, soups or Bolognaise

J&D's Jalapeno Bacon Salt £3.99 - Who doesn't like Bacon? I even know Vegetarians that crave its yummy taste! This is why Bacon Salt was born, it is Kosher, Vegetarian and zero calorie; the best bit is it makes everything taste like Bacon!  

It is truly one of my favourite seasonings of all time mostly because is super versatile and yummy!  

This particular flavour has a slight kick but can be used in so many ways - sprinkled on top of Pizza, mixed into a pasta sauce or simply dabbed onto the tongue with a finger (guilty pleasure but it is amazing!).

Kraft Original Macaroni & Cheese £3.50 - Even foodie Mums don't always want to cook everything from scratch so give her a night off with the super yummy (you won't know how yummy it is until you have tried it) Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. This is a true taste of the States and is a super quick dinner for those in a hurry or a tasty accompaniment for fish or chicken, it has to be said that we can't get enough of it!


J&D's Peppered Bacon Salt £2.99 - OK, well this is going to a Culinary Genius Hamper right? So, one Bacon Salt product is not enough for a foodie like your Mum; hence why we are also including the Peppered version in our top picks for the hamper.

This delicious seasoning has the perfect balance of flavours and we love to sprinkle it over popcorn, veggies or meat for the best ever meal!

If you need to pad the hamper out a bit you can always add in a big bag of popcorn kernel's and some tasty speciality dried pasta and there you have the Culinary Genius Hamper!

2) Jelly Belly Bean Boozled Spinner £9.99

This fun game is perfect for those Mums that are both brave and up for a giggle! It is errrr somewhat scary I think!

Basically you take it in turns to spin the spinner, you eat the bean that the arrow points to. All good? Well, not necessarily as the bean can either be something super yummy like peach or something super disgusting like vomit; you won't know until it is in your mouth! I just know that you and your Mum are going to have so much fun playing it!

 3) Salmon Curing Kit £19.99

Any foodie that adores cooking will love this super clever kit. This is the ultimate gift idea and we think that your Mum will love it.

Even those that are slightly more culinary challenged will be able to make their own artisan salmon that will wow guests and leave the cook feeling super proud!

These kits are always popular here at Taste Box that's how we know you are onto a winner!


So, what do you think of our ideas? Whatever you choose to buy, we hope that you and your Mum have a lovely day.

This post was written by Becky Whittaker for online speciality grocery store Taste Box.




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