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Exciting News - We Now Stock Products by The Naked Marshmallow Co.

Posted by Becky Whittaker on

When I asked Josh to check out the products by The Naked Marshmallow Co. I just knew that he would be smitten; and I was right. It was no surprise that when we began stocking some delicious treats from this clever company that they flew right off our shelves!

So what is it about these particular marshmallows that make them super popular? Let me tell you what I know!

I love the idea that the company uses delicious high quality ingredients without any nasties. Colours and flavours are natural, hence the name "Naked" and the sugar that they use is fairtrade! Each marshmallow is lovingly hand cut and totally scrummy!

These particular Marshmallows come in a variety of flavours and are truly perfect for toasting (oh my - this is the favourite way to eat them!), popping them on the top of hot drinks for a sweet and creamy topping (perhaps with some flaked chocolate and whipped cream for luxury in a mug) or of course popping one in your mouth when no-one is looking (straight from the box)!

I love the way that The Naked Marshmallow Co. come up with fun and inventive flavours, I am currently loving the Salted Caramel flavour (perfect on top of my hot chocolate), the lovely rich Vanilla Bean flavour (super yummy toasted) and the Candy Floss flavour (right out of the pack for a tasty afternoon pick me up!).

The flavours are all rich and decadent and really do taste how you would imagine they would by their names - I even really enjoyed tasting the Salted Caramel Flavour alongside the Vanilla Bean flavour (call me greedy!) it tasted just like a crème Brulee!

At £4.99 each, the individual packs arrive very well presented in gorgeous packaging, making them a great gift idea. Each marshmallow is quite large at around 3cm by 3cm so I can see these being hand wrapped individually for tasty wedding favours to wow your guests.


If you would like your chance to win two packs of Naked Marshmallow Co. Marshmallows head over to our Facebook page and enter our competition (closes 5pm Monday 8th May 2017). If you can't wait and want to get some sooner you can purchase them via our website!

Which flavour would you LOVE to try?

This post was created by Becky Whittaker for online speciality grocery store Taste Box.



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