BubbleLick - The Lickable Bubbles - Review

BubbleLick - The Lickable Bubbles - Review

When we first heard about BubbleLick we just knew that our customers would love them and we weren't wrong as they flew right off our shelves.

With a new shipment that has just landed we now have them back in stock so we decided to have a go and see for ourselves what all the fuss is about; here we present to you BubbleLick, our honest experience!

What is BubbleLick?

BubbleLick is an edible bubble mixture that turns ordinary drinks (both alcoholic and non - alcoholic) into the bubbles of dreams..... bubbles you can lick, catch and taste!

How much does it cost?

We sell them in boxes of 5 for £14.99, this means you could mix up five different drink solutions or you could use one at a time for hours of fun.

How do you use them?

You simply take your favourite beverage, and pour it straight into the bubble mixture bottle up to the red line. Replace the screw cap and gently rock the mixture to mix it without shaking. The bubbles work best without the solution foaming up too much as this seems to hinder bubble formation, if using fizzy drinks leave the mixture to stand for 30 minutes before attempting to blow some bubbles - more than enough time to get your glad rags on for the party.

Can you use any drink?

You can use nearly every drink you can imagine. The only exception to this rule are thick drinks like milk, Baileys or cream as these tend to be too heavy to mix properly - not good for bubble formation! Don't forget to have some fun mixing up some new creations by combining different flavours.

So, what was our experience?

We had so much fun, we tried it using Coca Cola, San Pellegrino Orange and pure orange juice. We felt like Heston Blumenthal as we mixed up our creations. We found that Coca Cola worked best, the edible bubbles really did taste like Coca Cola, they were super yummy and we were surprised that the bubble solution did not alter the taste.

Fizzy drinks do take a little longer to prepare as the fizz created lots of foam when mixed with the bubble mixture. We got around this by leaving the mixture to stand before using them and we scooped off any extra foam using a spoon, this left us with big, clear bubbles. Another tip would be to leave fizzy drinks to go flat before using them to mix up the bubbles.

We found that the orange juice was a disaster, as we poured it in it fizzed up hugely and became very foamy - it simply wouldn't mix. We are going to try it again with smooth juice rather than juice with bits in it and will report back - we think this will solve the issue!

The bubbles are best used outdoors in the fresh air, they will be perfect for Spring BBQ's, Bouncy Castle Parties or Picnics. Of course you can use them indoors if you like but there is something magical about edible bubbles floating through the air.

We would 100% recommend trying out BubbleLick, we know they will be a big hit with kids and big kids alike!

What drink would you like to try making into bubbles?

This post was created by Becky Whittaker for online speciality retailer, Tastebox. 












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