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Secret Santa ........ What To Buy!

Posted by Becky Whittaker on

It is upon us, that time of year for sending cards and giving special gifts, festivities are rife in offices nationwide but what an earth do you buy your colleagues for Secret Santa? Fear not, with our fun guide we will have you sorted in no time.

Novelty or Useful?

When it comes to Secret Santa there is a fine line to be drawn, novelty can be fun but can also be awkward and embarrassing if your risqué present doesn't have the desired reaction. There is no need to go too boring but just avoid the embarrassment factor unless you know the recipient very well as Secret Santa has a habit of becoming decidedly not so secret.

What if you don't know the person well?

In this case keep it fairly safe, simple useful gifts like mugs, notebooks or confectionary make a nice gift. You can always choose items with witty phrases on them to keep it nice and light.

How much should I spend?

The person organising the Secret Santa should have given you a maximum budget to spend, it is important to stick to the budget and not go too far over so as not to make other participants feel awkward. In terms of spending less, you can of course spend less than the budget but be careful not to skimp too much or you may feel uncomfortable if you receive a gift of much higher value than your recipient.

What do I do if I don't like the gift I receive?

Smile, be grateful and enter into the spirit of it! You can always take it to the local charity shop, give it away in a raffle or pass it on to friends or family. Just avoid giving it away to a work colleague! 

Still not sure what to buy? Here are our Tastebox top picks...

Kenny's Dr. Pepper Twists - Dr. Pepper fans will love these yummy treats, perfect for your soda loving colleagues.

Jelly Belly Soda Pop Shoppe - Sticking with the soda theme, these Jelly Beans make a fun gift idea. Flavours include 7Up and Orange Crush, but of course can be mixed up to make your own cocktail of flavours!

Reece's Creamy Peanut Butter - This treat from the USA tastes amazing spread on biscuits, chocolate or just about anything else; a perfect gift idea.

Large Gourmet Chocolate Pizza - These pizzas are brilliant! They are presented just like a regular pizza in a box. 7 inches of delicious tasting chocolate these are the ideal gift for the chocoholics in your life.

We hope this has given you some top tips, enjoy the excitement of Secret Santa!

This post was written by Becky Whittaker for speciality online grocery store Tastebox






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