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Foodies Top Tips for Enjoying Coconut Oil!

Posted by Becky Whittaker on

#1 – For a super boost coffee try adding a tablespoon of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to your morning coffee. With good quality coffee (either black or creamed) it adds a rich, creamy consistency to your cuppa. It is also an excellent energy boost thanks to coconut oil being made up of Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA’s). MCFA’s s are absorbed very quickly by the body and are not stored as fat, hence it being a great way to start the day. The best way to make your special coffee is to use a good quality ground coffee, adding milk or cream (if required) and any low GI sweeteners such as Agave Nectar, Stevia or Coconut Sugar. Pop a mug of freshly brewed coffee into your blender, add your coconut oil (must be cold pressed, extra virgin) all the other ingredients and blitz for a smooth, creamy and frothy coffee.

#2 – Good quality Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is a healthier alternative to butter when spread on hot steamy toast. You can add honey, jam or any other toppings of your choice. The Coconut oil melts easily into the toast and is really yummy.

#3 – One of my favourite uses for coconut oil is to stir fry king prawns in it. Simply heat a tablespoon of the oil in a large pan and add some juicy king prawns, cook over a medium heat until the prawns are cooked through, I like to top this off with some toasted dried coconut flakes. The coconut oil adds healthy fats, it is easy to cook with and adds a taste of the exotic.

#4 – Do you cook with cast iron pans? If so coconut oil is a perfect pan season. After you have washed and dried your pans add a little coconut oil to your pan and rub it all over the surface using kitchen roll. This helps to prevent deterioration and rust, it also helps to make any non-stick coating last much longer.

#5 – If you enjoy a protein shake post or pre workout, add some coconut oil! The MCFA’s in the oil are very high in energy. The body uses this energy to help build muscle adding more punch to your workout.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my top tips, what is your favourite way to enjoy coconut oil?

This post was written by Becky Whittaker for specialty online food store Taste Box.

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