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The fourth day of July is a public holiday in the United States of America, it is Independence Day and as such is a hugely celebrated annual holiday.  Many Americans host parties, picnics and BBQ’s where they meet with friends and enjoy a fun day of great company, lovely food and delicious drinks. This year July fourth lands on a Saturday, what more excuse do you need to plan an American themed extravaganza and jump on the Independence Day celebration train. Here at Tastebox we import lots of genuine American goodies, here are our ideas to help you to throw a perfect American themed BBQ.

Set the Scene

Disposable plates, bowls and cutlery will help to keep cleaning up to a minimum. When selecting these types of items choose them in the colours red, white and blue for a simple way to tie in an American theme. Compliment table settings with coloured pom – poms, balloons and American flags, most of these can be picked up very cheaply and look great together.

If you have enough glasses try to avoid using disposable cups as these have a tendency to get blown over, mason jars are a very cute alternative to glasses and they are very reasonable to buy. Add some Coca Cola straws for another touch of the USA.

If you are concerned about bugs and flies add some Citronella Candles, once lit keep them away from children but these simple candles really can work wonders at keeping annoying critters at bay.

If it is a very hot day, or if there is even a hint of rain, a Gazebo will be popular either way; just be sure to keep the Gazebo away from the BBQ! It will make a great central focus that can also be decorated in an American style.

If you have children coming to your BBQ (or in fact even if you don’t) Piñata’s are a fun source of entertainment. If you have not seen one of these before, a Piñata is a colourful papier-mâché structure filled with sweets. You hang the Piñata in a tree and your guests take turns hitting it with a stick until it bursts! Fill it with wrapped American sweets such as Jolly Rancher Hard Candies!

Getting the Food Right – Simply!

Now this is where we are somewhat an expert when it comes to food and drink, it is our favourite subject!

To keep guests from getting too hungry whilst you are cooking up a storm on the BBQ some American candy scattered around the garden will keep everyone happy. We love Jelly Belly Jelly Beans in Dr PepperWonka Everlasting Gobstoppers and some Nerds. All of these yummy candies will keep children and adults satisfied until the hot food arrives.

Variety is the key when it comes to a great BBQ, all the old favourites such as Jacket Potatoes, Sausages, Chicken and Burgers make a great base. Americans love coleslaw and potato salad; make your own or pick up some deli style packs in your local supermarket.  

Once you have a simple base provide lots of sauces so that people can customise their own meal! Clever right? Hot Sauces for those that like spice, Baconnaise for guests that like a different twist on mayo and don’t forget good old tomato Ketchup!

For a sweet treat, nothing screams America like S’mores! They are so simple to make and are sure to be a hit. Take some Graham Crackers, some thin milk chocolate bars and some marshmallows. Lay some of the chocolate on the Graham Cracker, melt the marshmallows on the BBQ and spread it over the chocolate. Once it is distributed, sandwich another Graham Cracker on top. To make it easier everything but the marshmallow can be prepared in advance, your guests can have fun assembling their own!

Keep drinks light, Coca Cola and Sprite make great basis for many alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, you can even prepare a refreshing fruit punch!

Whatever your plans for the July fourth weekend I hope this has helped sparked some ideas.

Have fun!

This post was created by Becky Whittaker for speciality online food retailer Tastebox.

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