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Fathers Day Gift Guide

Posted by Becky Whittaker on

Fathers Day here in the UK is just around the corner and I don't know about you but I always wonder what to buy my Dad as a special gift idea. This got me thinking and I decided to compile some ideas here on the blog to not only help me but to give you all some hints, tips and starting points. Without further ado, let's get going.

Edible Gifts

To eat or not to eat; that is the question. I personally find with my own Dad, foodie options always go down well and rather than me popping to the local shop for a box of Milk Tray I like to seek out some more unusual edible gift ideas that he may not have seen or tried before.

Worlds Largest Giant Gummy Worm - £29.99

These are just so damn cool I can barely contain my excitement. We all know and love the Giant Gummy Bear, well this is a step beyond and a perfect gift idea. At 26 inches long and 5 inches in thickness this is sure to keep your Dad quiet (your Mum will thank you for that too). This worm is Blue Raspberry and Cherry flavour so two flavours in one! Buy your Dad one of these this Fathers Day and I think it will be a talking point for years to come.

Whoppers Milk Chocolate Malt Balls - £2.99

Want to play it safer with something super yummy but different enough that your Father can't pick it up locally? Look no further as these are the original malted milk balls and OMG they taste divine. Popular with cinema goers, these tasty snacks are great for a night in front of a movie - why not get him a Netflix subscription to go with it for an 'at home' movie night.

Homemade Salmon Curing Kit - £24.99

If your Dad is into fishing or perhaps a culinary wizard in the kitchen, check out this fab Salmon Curing Kit by Ross & Ross. This gift comes wonderfully packaged and includes 3 different flavours of curing salt, butchers hook, plastic gloves, sealable bags and full instructions. Your Dad can knock up his own batch of wonderful smoked salmon to wow the neighbours or just keep all to himself. For the meat loving Dads, check out the Bacon Curing version too - superb!

Non - Edible Gifts

OK, I hate to admit it but not everything is about food (it nearly is though). With this in mind here are some gift ideas of the non-food variety.

Fire TV Stick - £29.99

At a smidge under £30 this is amazing value and for those that have never heard of one, it is basically a stick that connects to a HD television and allows the user access to loads of smart TV content. This gift will be well received if your Dad has a HD TV but has not moved onto a smart one yet. He will get access to a range of on demand services, sports and movies (dependant on subscription services) as well as being able to play some games too. Check that your Dads TV is compatible and away you go.

Pressure Washer - from around £50

Dads love to be outside doing little jobs, if your Dad enjoys cleaning his car or keeping the garden spick and span check out the wide range of home pressure washers available on the market. Starting at around the £50 mark this is a great gift that your brothers and sisters can club together to buy this Fathers Day. One thing is for sure; after your Dad reveals a patio he never knew he had, this gift is likely to be addictive; just make sure he doesn't pressure wash you!

ZModo Camera - £37.99

Got a nosey Dad that loves gadgets? Yes; then he will love this. For home security, pet watching or even as a security camera in a caravan this is a serious gift that is also great fun. With so many features including two-way audio, a Micro SD card slot, night vision and a mobile app, we think your Dad will love this. Avoid getting one if you still live at home though as you never know what might be uncovered!

We really hope that you enjoyed reading this gift guide as much as I enjoyed writing it, wish your Dad a happy Fathers Day from us!

This post was written by Becky Whittaker for UK speciality online grocery store Tastebox.

NB - Prices are correct at time of publication, but are subject to change.




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