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Bacon Salt Food Hacks

Posted by Becky Whittaker on

J&D's Bacon Salt have revolutionised the food coming out of my kitchen at home, the saying is completely true; everything tastes good with Bacon Salt! So here are some top ideas for jazzing up even the most boring food and taking it from 0 to 60 in one shake. Here are my top food hack ideas to put your Bacon Salt to work.


Pump up your popcorn

We know that air popped popcorn is a healthy snack but can be tricky to find some exciting topping ideas, cue Cheddar Bacon Salt. Air pop your popcorn as normal, whilst it is still warm pour over a tablespoon of melted Coconut Oil and mix up until it is all coated then simply shake over your Bacon Salt. This is the perfect, lower calorie alternative to crisps – be warned it is a bit addictive. This will also work well with the Original Bacon Salt, the Jalapeno Bacon Salt (for a hot kick) and even with the Malt Salt for a salt and vinegar alternative.

Load up your potato skins

Loaded potato skins are the perfect starter idea or a yummy light snack but using Original Bacon Salt on them adds depth to the flavour. If you are filling your potato skins with cheese simply shake some Bacon Salt over around 10 minutes before they are fully cooked for a tasty bacon flavour.

Bacon boost your Jacket Spud

Sticking with the potato theme; if you are not having potato skins but having a full jacket spud cooked in the oven try taking the potato out 20 minutes before it has finished cooking (in the crisping stage), coat with a brush of olive oil and shake the Bacon Salt flavour of your choice all over the oiled skin of the spud. Pop it on a piece of foil and put it back in the oven for a pop of flavour. This hack can be done with any of the Bacon Salt variations but my favourite was the Jalapeno for a tasty hit of spice. Jacket Potatoes will never be the same again!

Pizza Pep Up

Bought a boring pizza? Never fear, use Bacon Salt for heaps more flavour. Simply cook your pizza as normal but 5 minutes before it is fully cooked simply give the topping a good Bacon Salt shake and pop it back in the oven. The topping will take on more life and it is delicious. Choose the Bacon Salt flavour to complement the pizza toppings, this works well on pizza of all types but it was out of this world on a meat feast pizza.

Breadcrumb with attitude

Making breadcrumbs for your chicken or fish? Add some Bacon Salt to the breadcrumb mix to season them with a bacon hit! This works well with chicken and even fish dishes, Bacon Salt and fish work surprisingly well together and it is yummy!

Spag Bol….. Hell yes!

Topping your spag bol with a good shake of Bacon Salt adds depth and flavour that is off the scale. It complements bolognaise sauce perfectly and makes this everyday meal just a little bit more special.

There are so many uses for Bacon Salt but these are just a few of my fave ideas, once you have tried it mealtimes will never be the same again. What are your favourite ways to use J&D's Bacon Salt?

This post was written by Becky Whittaker for online speciality grocery store Tastebox.

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